Your new support team: enableme

We take a look at enableme a new website offering information and support for stroke survivors, their carers and families

Stroke survivors across Australia will now be able to help self manage their own recovery through an online rehabilitation tool launched by the National Stroke Foundation in partnership with the Bupa Health Foundation.

National Stroke Foundation chief executive officer Dr Erin Lalor says enableme has been created specifically for the Australian stroke community to give survivors, their families and their carers better choice and control over their recovery.
“There are more than 440,000 stroke survivors living in our community and sadly most do not have access to the services, support and information they need to ensure quality of life post stroke.
“Around half (43 per cent) of stroke survivors currently leave hospital without a plan to support their transition home, limiting their recovery opportunities. enableme will give stroke survivors, their carers and families the information and support they need to optimise their recovery.”

Ongoing support

enableme empowers users to set personal goals and find information, advice and support and connect with other stroke survivors, carers and families.
Stroke survivor Kevin English and his wife Karen would have loved enableme to have existed five years ago.
“You get out of hospital and you know there are a lot of things you have to do, but there was just no support available,” Kevin says.
“I kept saying to the doctors, ‘What’s next?’” Karen adds. “They wouldn’t commit, they kept saying ‘Everyone’s different.’ I just wanted to know some possible outcomes, what we were aiming for. This site has answers to so many of my questions back then.”

Useful resources

The website offers useful tools, resources and techniques used by the stroke community and encourages your feedback.
Want to know how to chop an onion or tie a shoelace with one hand? There are videos to show you.
Aphagia, aphasia, apraxia: suddenly your world is filled with new terminology you’ve never heard before. enableme has a dictionary (or Strokesaurus as they call it) to help you understand just what it is the doctors are saying.
“The Strokesaurus is fantastic – the doctors used to talk in terms I’d never heard of! If I’d had access to enableme at the time it would have helped enormously,” Karen says.

older man sitting at table with a tablet


The enableme site is adaptable, catering for vision, communication and mobility issues. Depending on the disability, the stroke survivor can choose to have the information presented differently.

“I especially like the way people don’t have to trawl through the website looking for specific information,” says Dr Lalor.
“Users can type in ‘I want to learn to fish’ and enableme will pull out everything that’s related to that topic and present it in one spot.”  

Your support community

enableme has been designed to be a safe place where survivors, carers and families can connect to share tips, challenges and aspirations – a place where stroke survivors, families and carers know they are not alone 
“We want enableme to become Australia’s largest stroke community, to cheer each other on to reach goals and to be there for each other when things get tough,” Dr Lalor says.
“This tool has the potential to impact lives of stroke survivors, their carers and families not only in Australia but around the world.”

To find out more or to become part of the enableme community visit

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