Stroke rehabilitation: Helping you recover after a stroke

After having a stroke, rehabilitation is a really important part of your recovery, here's what you need to know. 

The purpose of rehabilitation is to drive recovery after a stroke and every stroke survivor should be assessed for their rehabilitation needs.
Why do I need rehabilitation after having a stroke?
Rehabilitation helps you relearn or find new ways of doing things that have been affected by your stroke. 
The brain has the ability to change and adapt after a stroke. This ability is called neuroplasticity. Your brain may learn to use other parts of your brain to help you recover. Rehabilitation aims to stimulate neuroplasticity.
Will I recover 100 per cent after a stroke?
Each person recovers differently after a stroke. It is often difficult to predict how much recovery you will make. 
Some people return to 100 per cent or very close, whilst other people may continue to have significant impairments. 
The most rapid improvement usually happens in the first six months however improvements can continue for years. 
When should I start rehab after having a stroke?
After your stroke, health professionals such as physiotherapists and speech pathologists will begin working with you as soon as possible. 
Rehabilitation can start very soon after your stroke, while you are still on an acute ward or stroke unit. Once you no longer need acute hospital care, you may be transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation unit or go home with visiting or centre-based rehabilitation. 

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How much stroke rehab will I need?

The amount and type of therapy you receive depends on your individual needs and how much you can manage during the day. Practicing the things you are doing in your sessions throughout the day can help your recovery. Make sure to balance this with time to rest – rehabilitation is hard work. 

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Enableme is a new website where you can talk to, and seek support from other people who have had a stroke. It is a place to ask questions, to find the answers that you need and to set recovery goals. It is a place where you can offer support, encourage others, and share your experiences.

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