Four in one: heart health

Four facts about heart health and how we are partnering with the The George Institute to lead the way and help improve the heart health of Australians. 

Fact 1: Currently there are 800 thousand Australians who have had a heart attack or stroke.

Heart disease and stroke are Australia’s biggest killers and a major cause of hospital admissions.

People at high-risk of cardiovascular disease are typically required to take up to four-pills a day, or 1,460 over the course of a year. Only 50% take their recommended preventative medication long-term.

Fact 2: Only 50% of patients with cardiovascular disease take the recommended secondary prevention medicines long-term.

Research from The George Institute has found that a polypill (multiple tablets combined in a single pill) based approach to care for those at high-risk of a cardiac event can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke with just a single pill per day. 
A four-in-one polypill would reduce the number of pills taken over the course of a year from 1,460 to 365, improving medication adherence. Research shows there is a 40% improvement to medication adherence when using a polypill, while trials have shown than 85% of patients would ask their doctor for a polypill
if it was available.

Fact 3: Research shows there is a 40% improvement to medication adherence when using a polypill.

SmartGenRx Pty Ltd is a new Sydney-based venture between The George Institute for Global Health and Bupa Australia, focused on developing innovative pharmaceutical products to address a critical health problem. As its first priority, SmartGenRx will look at developing a marketable polypill to meet this need.

Fact 4: In recent trials, more than 85% of patients said they would ask their doctor for a polypill if one was available.

Polypill development is an innovative approach to integrated care, and by ensuring effective secondary prevention, strategies like a polypill will reduce demand on acute care services. Our polypill uses four off-patent component drugs, each proven to be highly effective and safe in large clinical trials. This product has the potential to deliver substantial benefits at a fraction of the cost of existing treatments for heart disease or stroke.
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