Do You Have a Healthy Heart?

A new study found on average Australians have a ‘heart age’ that’s 2.9 years older than their actual age. 

The Hearts at Work study by Bupa and the World Heart Federation examined how a person’s career, work culture and location affected the heart age of 8,000 consumers.

It found on average Australian’s have a ‘heart age’ that’s 2.9 years older than their calendar age.

While our average heart age was lower than countries like Spain, France and United Arab Emirates, it was higher than America, India and Thailand.

Those who work as manual labourers had a heart age that was on average more than 8 years older than their real age.

People working in the medical profession had the lowest average heart age.

The research found not taking time out for a lunch break impacted a person’s heart age.

According to Bupa Australia National Medical Director Dr Rob Grenfell small changes like increasing your exercise and improving your diet can make a big difference in preventing heart problems.

Developing healthy habits in the workplace is also vital.

“We believe the workplace can play a pivotal role in encouraging healthier choices and behaviours,” says Grenfell.

“The Heart Age Check reminds Australians of heart disease risk factors and to take action to improve our health and in turn, our heart age,” Dr Grenfell says.

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