Five apps to help you manage diabetes

Wish everything that you need to keep on top of your diabetes could be at your fingertips? It turns out there’s more than one app for that. 

If you’ve got a smartphone you can do almost anything with it these days. And for those with diabetes or involved in helping others manage it, being tech-savvy can help make life much easier. In fact, research has shown that using a diabetes app can lead to improvements in several diabetes-related measures.  

Here are five apps worth checking out. There’s even one for kids. And, best of all, every app listed is free.

1. One Drop

Winner of the Best Design award at the 2015 Launch start-up festival, this app has looks that match its efficiency. 

Use it to log blood glucose levels, food, activity and the medication you’ve taken, all in one place. You can do that through either a simple one-touch system or by syncing with other devices, such as activity trackers and Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitors. Or use the inbuilt pedometer to track your steps, and the barcode scanner to input and track the carbohydrates in packaged foods you’ve eaten. As well as setting up reminders to take medication, you can connect with other One Drop users and create reports to email to your doctor.

Download One Drop here.

2. My Diabetes Coach 

This app is like having a personal health coach in your pocket. In a weekly “appointment”, your virtual coach, Laura, helps you navigate some of the important issues if you have type 2 diabetes, such as healthy eating, moving more, taking your medications, looking after your feet, and blood glucose monitoring. Laura provides information, and helps you set and achieve goals.  The app also features a blood glucose monitoring log, which you can update and access 24/7. 

While My Diabetes Coach is free, it’s currently only available to people in Australia who are eligible to participate in a diabetes research project run by the University of Melbourne.

You can find out more about the program and discover how to get involved here or by calling 1300 170 569.
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3. Diabetes in Check

Designed by a certified diabetes educator, this comes with all the usual tools you’d expect from a high-performing diabetes app –tracking features for factors such as blood glucose levels, diet, and exercise, as well as reminders to track and take your medications. 

But download Diabetes in Check and you’ll also get access to a whole range of other useful information including recipes, nutritional information about hundreds of foods, personalised meal plans, message boards and tools to help you stay motivated. 

Download Diabetes in Check it here.

4. mySugr Diabetes Diary

This app is packed with graphics and a few other bells and whistles which makes it fun to use.

After you’ve logged your essential numbers, readings and stats (including some you might not expect, like your mood, how you’re feeling physically and if you’re away from home), you can view a daily analysis, or see how you’re going as part of a weekly or monthly one. Based on the blood glucose readings you log, the app also delivers estimated HbA1c stats. You can set yourself challenges to work towards too, which also helps ensure you’re getting the most out of the app.

Download mySugr Diabetes Diary here.

5. mySugr Junior

As the name suggests, this is the kids’ version of Diabetes Diary. What does that mean? All the important stuff is there, but it’s delivered as a game. Designed to encourage children to get involved in their diabetes care, they get points for making entries. A cute diabetes “monster” pops up regularly to give them feedback and prompt them to keep up the good work. 

Where this app gets really clever is that every entry a child makes is sent as a push message or email to their parent or guardian’s phone, which means caretakers can keep an eye on what’s happening, even when the child is at school or out with friends. 

Download MySugr Junior here.

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