Tricks to help you overcome your fear of giving blood

If you're the type of person who's been too scared to donate blood in the past, we have five fun tips to help get you over the line, and rolling up your sleeves.

I get that it's a little scary, I've donated blood and I'll be the first to admit, I was nervous. But the high I was on when I walked out of there with my free milkshake in one hand and free biscuit in the other, was far stronger than the nerves. I quietly felt like a bit of a legend.

Unfortunately the Australian Red Cross Blood Service has been experiencing a drop in the number of people donating blood for the first time. They need 100,000 NEW blood donors  over the next year – just to meet patient needs. 

So if you’re able to donate blood but you’ve chickened out in the past, here are a few tips to help get you over the line:

Bring your buddies

It's the perfect way to catch up with friends without spending a cent. Refreshments are on the house and there's plenty of quiet time and comfy seats for a good old fashioned gas bag! Plus, you can spur each other along.

Make it a first date

WHAT? Hear me out here. The chances are, if you're both trying to make a good first impression, you'll be less likely to back out. Overcoming fears together is a great bonding experience and a way to find out how that potentially special someone copes in different situations. Plus, what a perfect excuse to reach over and grab hold of his or her hand. 

Reward yourself

Been looking for an excuse to splash out on that new pair of shoes or an expensive meal out? This is it. After donating blood, you've earned it.
Friends chatting over tea

Write it down

Whether it's just in your diary or on social media, research shows that when people put their intentions in writing they're more likely to follow through. That Facebook or Instagram post might also encourage others to join in (and don’t forget to include the campaign hashtag #MissingType).

Plan your next work team meeting there

Have you even been asked at work to "think outside the box"? Bring your colleagues, your boss, and pencil it into the working day. Not only will they be impressed by your generous idea, they'll also feel obliged to join in. Win win.
You might notice some of your favourite brands’ logos look a little different – on closer observation you’ll find the missing letters are A, O, and B. All “missing” blood types. Clever hey?  
So where to now? Head to  or call 13 14 95  to find out if you’re able to donate, and to make an appointment. 
You legend. 
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