Three ways to have a mindful and sustainable Christmas

Being considerate of the environment at Christmas, can have many benefits to our own wellbeing. It’s about thinking of the bigger picture and being kinder to ourselves and others.                                                                                                                                               We’ve put together some tips to help you live the sustainability mantra: reduce, reuse and recycle, this Christmas.

1. Reduce - Buy less

It is easy to get caught up in the retail extravaganza that is Christmas time. Not only are there gifts to get for the family, but you might be tempted to grab a few extra things for yourself or the home. The altruistic intentions of Christmas can become waylaid and you find yourself over-spending and over-indulging “because it’s Christmas”. 

Consider taking a mindful moment mid-shopping spree and asking yourself, “Do I really need to get that?” We might find skipping those extra luxuries will not only be good news for our back pocket, but it is one of the biggest changes we can make to reduce our impact on the environment.  By choosing to abstain from buying things you don’t really need you avoid the environmental costs of production, transport, retailing and ultimately dispose of items. 

2. Reuse - Make a meal out of your left overs

It’s easy to over-cater at Christmas – how often do you plan for 20+ people around the dinner table? And whilst it is nice to indulge at Christmas, many of us also end up throwing away perfectly good food. When food is thrown away and breaks down in landfill, it together with other organic materials becomes the main contributor to producing methane gas. This gas traps heat in the atmosphere and it’s 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. 

So to reduce our food waste, why not make a meal out of the left overs? Use leftover bread sticks in a traditional Italian panzanella salad or the prawn heads in a French seafood bisque for Boxing Day!

3. Recycle - Re-decorations

Let your creative side thrive with a little DIY. Taking the time to craft up your own decorations through recycling can be an opportunity for the family to come together that requires little or no digital devices! Who doesn’t appreciate how much love and effort has gone into a home-made gift?

Try making your own wrapping paper by reusing newspaper potato-stamped with your favourite Christmas colours and painting dried flowers, branches or cuttings which can bring a creative and down-to-earth feel at your dinner table. Also, don’t forget to keep your Christmas cards for next year’s decorations. The possibilities are endless!  

man holding present wrapped in recycled paper
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