Healthy Living BluePrint Magazine by Bupa

Bupa’s new BluePrint magazine aims to guide you towards more informed health and care decisions. 

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of studies, research and advice available on how to be healthy? 

You’re not alone. The last ten to fifteen years has seen an explosion of this kind of information – particularly around diet and nutrition. If you’re at a loss about where to find a balance, and what advice is reputable, Bupa’s new magazine BluePrint could be the answer. 

Distributed to Bupa stores quarterly and now available here on the Blue Room,the BluePrint magazine compiles snippets of useful, topical health news and breaks down the info in a way that’s useful.

This month’s edition touches on the latest ‘diet dupes’, the benefits and tools to starting a food diary, how to push through a work-out rut and tips to pick out a pair of sunnies  with the right UV protection for summer. 

You’ll also find some incredible real-life stories and info on making the most of your health cover. And for those that find it tricky to unwind, a beginners guide to meditation and getting to sleep quickly. 

We’re always seeking new stories and topics. To let us know what you’d like to learn more about or share a personal health and care journey, email us. Happy reading!

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