Introducing: 'The Happiness Project'

With so much sadness being shared through the world’s different media channels, it’s easy to forget just how wonderful people can be, and how much ‘good’ there is, all around us. We want to bring you some good news stories.

Welcome to the Happiness Project. We’ve made it our job to remind you that the world can be a kind and beautiful place. There are great people doing great things. There is love, laughter, and happiness, if you look in the right places.

Here is just a tiny little taste of it.
Kids playing stacks on - Blue Room Bupa
The quiet volunteer making dreams come true 
An aged care volunteer has gone above and beyond to make a dream come for three senior Geelong residents, after he realised, by sheer coincidence, they all share the same history. Find out more.
Most of us make and break our New Year's Resolutions. But not Lynne Scrivens. She held true to her goal every single day over the course of a year - and it changed her life forever. Read Lynne's story here.
They’ve fled violence, war and poverty in their homeland, but a world away in Melbourne’s West, a singing program is helping asylum seekers settle into a new life. Click here for the full story.

“There is love, laughter, and happiness.... if you look in the right places.”

11 positive things cancer gave me
“I often tell people 'cancer was a gift', which can raise a few eyebrows, but for me it really was. I choose not to concentrate on the negatives but instead I choose to try to focus instead on the positives - the 'silver linings' if you like.” Click here for the full story.
Senior actors in Traralgon, some more than 90 years old, have found their competitive streak, and are preparing to compete in a talent quest. A caring Recreational Activities Officer has helped them to prepare a spectacular and dramatic play, complete with Red Riding Hood and a wicked witch. See their adorable pictures here.
Aged care resident dressed up for a play - Blue Room Bupa
The healing power of hugs 
We know hugs can make us feel good, but could they be good for our health? A new study has found a hug a day might just help keep the doctor away. Read more.
Forget online dating, two loved up seniors discovered the best place to find romance was in a Bupa aged care dining hall. Read Des and Rhonda's story here.
11 year old Olivia Jones is a vibrant and ordinary young girl facing an extraordinary battle. We were there when she was experienced a day she will never forget. Watch the video here.
The generosity and love from Faye Hawkins parents’ is remarkable. Her mum and dad have each donated their kidneys to save her life. Read more.

Move over Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, there’s a new girl in town making tails wag all over the world. Her name is Lilo and she’s out to send a very serious message – in a seriously cute kind of way. The pictures here will melt your heart.
lilo dog on wheels dressed as a grandma

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