Healthy hamper ideas

Hampers are traditionally packed with tasty but not-so-healthy festive treats. So why not break the mould by making your own and packing it full of inspiration and ideas for a healthy start to 2016? 

  • The beach hamper: broad brim hats, 30 or 50+ SPF sunscreen, beach towels,  and a large umbrella
  • For the green thumb: gardening tools, gloves, pots, seeds/seedlings
  • The relax and de-stress hamper:  silky robe(s), eye masks, essential oils, a loofah, scented candles, face mask, CD or gift card  for some relaxing music
  • The healthy cooking hamper: a healthy cookbook, tea towels, chopping board, wooden spoon and some themed ingredients
  • For the fitness fan: a gym bag filled with a yoga mat, resistance bands, towels, foam roller, water bottle, and a heart rate monitor
  • For campers/hikers: light-weight bamboo cooking utensils, microfibre towels, sarongs, water bladder, lightweight squeeze bottles for condiments, homemade trail mix  
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