Embrace your New Year

The latest edition of BluePrint is here! Packed full of great New Year tips on creating balance, it’s the perfect time to recharge and prepare for your healthiest year yet. 

Is there anything in particular you want to change this year? Perhaps it’s the hours you work, the time you have for yourself or loved ones? Or maybe it’s about fitness or diet? A New Year can be a wonderful catalyst for change. But don’t feel intimidated, small changes are sometimes by far the most powerful. 

In this month’s edition, read a firsthand account of how one tiny action every day ultimately changed the life of Lynne Scrivens for the better in ‘The Grateful Project’. Flick to page six to discover how altruism isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life that helps cultivate positivity and health, creating a powerful ripple effect. 

You’ll also find some top tips on battling those common summer nasties like mozzies and sunburn; discover why your social life is more important than you think; advice on how to pick the right fitness buddy and info on healthy food options for summer. And to relieve any holiday guilt when you’re back at work, we help dispel those fears as experts talk about how regular breaks can create better mental health and improved work performance. 

We’re always seeking new stories and topics. To let us know what you’d like to learn more about or to share a personal health journey, email us. Happy holidays and happy reading!
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