Spring into summer with BluePrint

The latest edition of Blue Print, our quarterly Health Insurance customer magazine is out now!

There’s nothing like the joy of a happy, healthy family. In this issue, as well as giving you some tips about health insurance in general, we’ve put special emphasis on families, and those considering having a family.

A highlight being Perlita, a Bupa member who has shared her very powerful and moving story of starting a family, and how Bupa helped her through a tough time. Have the Kleenex handy, we challenge you to stay dry eyed when you read this one.

We also have the usual quality health content you would expect from BluePrint, including Embracing Disability and Top Tips for Fussy Eaters.  
On top of that, knowing all too well that the health insurance industry can be sometimes, we're helping to cut through the complex language with a Jargon Buster, and providing answers to every day FAQs
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