8 Ways to boost your productivity

How many times have you wished there were more hours in the day? Everyone’s lives are getting busier but sadly the hours in the day stay the same, and we hate to break it to you - but that’s not going to change.

You don’t need more time, you may simply need more skills  to help utilise your time better and fit more in to the time that you have. 

If you master this you may even have more time to relax. Here are eight ways to help you boost your productivity. 

1.  Write lists and check things off as you go

Writing a list the night before can be very helpful in a couple of ways. Firstly, instead of stressing about tomorrow’s tasks while you should be sleeping, you can rest assured that you know what is required of you tomorrow. Secondly, you can get straight on the jobs first thing in the morning. 

You can prioritise your list as you see fit and get satisfaction as you check off the done items.

2.  Turn off notifications on your phone/email

When you’re trying to focus on your tasks the constant ping that you have a text/mail/instant message can be enough to drag your attention away and it can take time to get back into your groove.

3.  Learn to say “No”

Understanding that we cannot do everything is not an easy lesson to learn, but learning to say “No” at least means you will have time to focus on the stuff that is the most important or beneficial to you.

4.  Batch similar jobs 

Although it may not seem like it makes a difference, batching all of the phone calls, emails or blogs to do at the same time may help  save you time in the long run. Batching enables you to get into a groove and focus on doing the same thing rather than splitting your focus across several tasks. 
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5.  Step away from the computer

Some days our attention span may range from 20 minutes to 9.25 seconds,  but either way, the human brain is not geared to sit at a desk for eight hours of attempted continual focus. Regular short breaks improve mental acuity, reduce fatigue, ease muscle pain and generally increase overall alertness and productivity. 

6.  Delegate

Doing everything yourself does not make you super productive, it means that you get stuck doing menial tasks instead of focusing on the vital stuff. Can you farm tasks out? Trusting someone can do it to your satisfaction can be difficult but freeing your time up for important things is invaluable.

7.  Stay off Facebook

Depending on your industry, Facebook can actually be a great resource during work hours, but it is undeniably distracting and sucks time from right between your fingers. 

If you do need it for work purposes do not leave it open on your desk all day. Simply log in and do what you need to do for a few minutes here and there before logging out again. 

8.  Exercise

A great way to help increase productivity is by being alert, and exercise increases blood flow to the body and the brain, and therefore can help boost alertness. 

Often, the busier we get the less time we feel we have for exercise but making time for exercise not only benefits our health in the short and long term, but also allows us to have greater focus in our daily tasks.

Regular exercise can also help to relieve stress, which may be another factor in your busy work life.
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