5 great exercises after knee surgery

Physiotherapist Dave Morarty shares five great exercises to help with your rehabilitation from knee surgery. 

It’s important to remember that every person and every surgery is different. For that reason, these exercises should only be performed after consultation with your physiotherapist.

1. Hamstring curls

Hamstring curls helps to build strength in the back of the thighs. The hamstring is a hip extensor muscle which is important for your push off in running and walking. It is also a knee flexor (bends the knee).

2. Leg extensions

This exercise works the quadriceps, the largest muscle group at the front of the thigh.

This is the main antigravity muscle of the thigh, which gets weaker after knee surgery, so it’s important to strengthen this muscle in the rehabilitation phase.

The antigravity chain is the group of muscles around the hip, knee and ankle joint that keep you upright and balanced, working against the effect of gravity.

3. Leg press

The leg press engages the quads (quadriceps) and glutes (buttocks). These muscles are part of the antigravity chain.

4. Wall squats

This exercise is great to help the knee get back to the important job of pushing us up against gravity. It also works the antigravity chain. Don’t forget to switch your core on to protect the back.

5. Exercise bike

The exercise bike is a great way to exercise the knee joint, but also opens the joint to improve blood flow into the area. It’s often a great exercise to include in your prehabilatation program (strengthening work before surgery), because it can be done whilst there is knee pain, and often relieves knee pain.

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