What the hell is Kombucha tea?

It sounds like some sort of reworked spiritual song that originated with “Kumbaya”… but it’s not.

I’ve taken the time to find a little info to cure my intrigue and no it’s definitely not a spiritual song. It’s sometimes referred to as kombucha mushroom tea, but it has no relevance to mushrooms either. It is a whole bunch of bacteria and yeast made with tea and sugar to create a fermented liquid goodness which sounds fresh and friendly for our gut.

The good news is, it has some B group vitamins in it… win! In case you’re wondering B group vitamins are required for helping our bodies actually use energy we eat. They contribute to brain and nerve function, development of red blood cells, good vision and healthy skin – some pretty handy vitamins to get in regularly.

There have even been claims around the place suggesting kombucha tea “can stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer and improve digestion and liver function”.

The bad news? There’s no scientific evidence that supports these claims… yet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nutrition is an evolving science.

On the “Negative-Nelly” side of the argument, it might give you a queasy tummy, or even perhaps an allergic reaction. We’ve seen a few cases of this to date. This is likely due to the home brewing that is common for making this tea.

I’d recommend avoiding kombucha tea until there’s more evidence and information around to ensure you won’t feel worse, rather than better when sipping on this spiritual sounding beverage!

jars of kombucha tea

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