Post Pilates brunch tips

What should I order for brunch so I don't undo all the good work I've just done at Pilates?

I admit it. I am one of those people who are brunching in their active wear. I feel more productive in lycra. So if you see me out, I may or may not have come from Pilates, but I can guarantee you I’ve at least walked to the cafe - so that’s something.

I look around me at brunch and see how hard people are trying to be healthy. But more often than not, they’re undoing all the hard work they’ve just put in at Saturday morning barre class. People are certainly bombarded with nutrition info, but I think the messages are getting confused.

If you want to lose body fat, you need to consume less energy than you’re expending. Some healthy food items on the breakfast menu like avocado, superfood smoothies and gluten free slices also pack a lot of energy, or kilojoules (kJ). Say you burn 1,000 kJ at a yoga class, you could easily consume 3,000-4,000 kJ at breakfast. Side note: we tend to overestimate how much we burn, and underestimate how much we consume.

poached egg on asparagus

Rosalyn's tips:

  • Forget juice, unless it’s vegetable juice. Think of how many oranges it takes to make a glass of juice. You would never eat four oranges with your breakfast - you’d be too full. So don’t drink the sugar of four pieces of fruit on top of your meal.
  • Gluten free does not = weight loss. Actually, the opposite is probably true. Gluten free muffins and slices are often higher in fat, which is more energy dense.
  • It’s all about portions. Three tiny hotcakes with ricotta probably has less energy than a huge serve of avocado on toast. Although the avocado offers way more health benefits, portion control matters when it comes to weight loss. If you leave brunch stuffed full, you’ve eaten too much.
  • Consider splitting your breakfast with a friend. It’s not uncommon to pay over $20 for breakfast at a café these days, and the portions are often large enough to feed two.
  • Try to sneak in some vegetables. Breakfast isn’t typically when we eat veggies, but they’re very low in energy and full of fibre to keep you full. So spinach, grilled tomato or asparagus is a good add on.
  • If you have a larger brunch, take your appetite in to account for the rest of the day. Often it will mean you need a much lighter dinner.

 Three go-to options that won’t undo your Pilates class:

  • Baked eggs (with beans & legumes) in crushed tomatoes with multigrain toast.
  • Poached eggs on multigrain with spinach, tomato, asparagus (and even a hash brown).
  • Porridge made with milk (not cream!) with chopped fruit and nuts.
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