Vego Christmas ideas: festive feasts minus the meat

What can you serve your vegetarian friends and family at Christmas? We’ve put together some creative, meat-free dishes everyone can enjoy.

With the focus often on roast turkey or pork, sometimes the festive feast can be a little underwhelming for vegetarians. But there are plenty of ways to prepare something special that will leave even the meat eaters salivating.  


This meat-free roasted alternative is made by draining and pressing tofu in cheesecloth overnight. Add white miso, soy sauce and some fresh herbs, fill the middle with stuffing and top it with a delicious glaze. This dish is also vegan friendly.

If you’re really creative, and if your vegetarian friend doesn’t mind, you could even mould it into the shape of a turkey for fun.

Nut roast

This is a rich satisfying meal for vegetarians and provides an extra element for everyone at the dinner table. There are plenty of nut roast variations but generally it’s made with a mix of processed raw nuts combined with sautéed vegetables, lentils and your favourite herbs and spices.

Serve your dish with homemade tomato sauce.  

Amazing roast vegetables

It might sound obvious, but most vegetarians really do like vegetables. Why not expand on the traditional potato and pumpkin by adding roasted baby carrots, beetroot, mushrooms, zucchini and fennel. Everyone loves variety, and with a rainbow of colours there’s a range of nutrients to be had.

Accompany with a vegetarian gravy or homemade tomato sauce.

friends cheers at the Christmas table

Stuffing filled vegetables

Make it easy on yourself and use left over stuffing to make this delicious meat free alternative. Carve the centre out of some seasonal vegetables (e.g. pumpkin, eggplant, capsicum or zucchini) and keep the shells. Chop up the insides and sauté together with garlic and herbs to taste. Mix the stuffing with the sautéed veggies and fill the vegetable hollows. Roast these stuffed vegetables until golden brown on top. Yum!

Mini Christmas quiches

This is a lovely, colourful dish that can be made with options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Fill either homemade or store bought pastry with a mix of milk, parmesan, eggs, salt and pepper, rice and your favourite vegetables. Top with some red and green capsicum to incorporate the Christmas colours. 

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