Is spot dieting possible?

We’re all different, from our fingerprints all the way through to how and where we might put on and lose weight. We’ve all heard of the different body shapes; pear, apple, straight, diamond.

Just like there’s no specific diet which contributes to the shape you are, there is no specific diet that will help you to lose weight from one particular area of your body.  ‘Spot dieting’, or the “I just want to lose weight from my thighs” self-talk is impossible, unless your body does that when it loses weight anyway.

If you are keen to change your shape, the first thing to say to yourself is “I am a unique person who has my own shape”. Good, now got the positive self-talk happening, the second thing to say to yourself is, “do I want to tone up, or lose weight, or both?” Often both go hand-in-hand. 

While you can’t lose weight off a specific area you target, you can tone up that area to change the way it looks. Imagine a fresh, crisp apple, versus an old, ready-for-the-compost apple you haven’t got around to eating for weeks – both the same size. The toned one looks a whole lot nicer, but it’s exactly the same weight as the other one.

Resistance or weight training is a worthwhile exercise to try for good bone strength and general fitness. It can help you to feel and look more toned, with the added bonus of a whole lot more strength and a body which will function better.

If you do still want to lose some extra fat in a particular area, overall weight loss will get you there eventually (warning: you might lose weight from other body areas too).

Just as you can’t change your fingerprints, you can’t change your body’s natural shape - so try to work with it, love it for all it does for you every day, nurture and support it and embrace it. 

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