How to remain energised over the festive season

It’s that awesome time of the year when you pack up and head off with family and friends for a few days (or weeks) of relaxation, beach, BBQs and games. Whether you’ve packed up the car or are hopping on a plane, here are a few tips to keep you energised and healthy while travelling this Christmas.


For many reasons including the warm weather, plane rides, long car trips and maybe a little more alcohol than usual, people can find themselves quite dehydrated this time of year. Keep a drink bottle on you and fill it up whenever you get a chance. For longer car rides, freeze a few drink bottles so you have cold refreshing water all day. Avoid sugary soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices, and watch your caffeine intake.


A healthy snack can really boost your energy, focus and nutrition intake for the day, but a poor choice can leave you feeling sluggish. Plan ahead and have some healthy options handy for when you get peckish between meals. For the car, pack an esky with some fresh fruit, unflavoured yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, veggie sticks, salad sandwiches, plus some dip with wholegrain crackers and cheese. For the plane, pack some wholegrain salad wraps, unsalted nuts and water. 

Pack your runners

Get out and stretch your legs whenever you can. There is plenty of evidence that suggests that spending time in nature improves health and well-being, prevents disease and helps people recover from illness. Stop along the way and enjoy the beautiful weather and longer days. Family cricket, going to the beach or trail walks are a great way to see more and re-energise.
Carrying esky

Practice balance

During this time, we might be lucky enough to have others cook for us and offer us richer food than we would normally eat. I would encourage everyone to enjoy the festive season, including all the deliciousness that comes along with it, but my trick is to pick your favourite and enjoy only that. If you say yes to everything, it can get a bit much. If you’re a sweet tooth, enjoy some dessert but say no to the salty pre-dinner snacks. If you’re a sucker for a BBQ sausage, load your plate up with plenty of salad to ensure you’re still getting enough fibre and nutrition.


If you’re staying at home this holiday period, enjoy the extra time by sneaking in a few extra yoga classes or long walks, spending time trying out some new recipes, or giving your pantry and cupboards a much needed clean out!

This time of year is also a good time to start thinking about your 2017 goals, including what you want for your health and wellness in the next 12 months. Make sure they’re SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Focus on what is in your control and how you’re going to achieve your goals. 

I wish you all a beautiful holiday season with your friends and family, and encourage you all to reach out to the people in your life that you might not see or speak to as much as you would like. With such a big focus on catching up with family and friends at this time of year, feelings of loneliness and isolation are often exacerbated at this time of year. So pick up the phone, send a card or invite that vulnerable person to lunch and spread the love this year. The more the merrier.

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