Healthy gift ideas for Easter

When the Easter bunny hops into town, we’re can be inundated with sugary treats. Why not consider giving something healthier this year?

We’ve put together some Easter-inspired gift ideas for the health conscious.

Decorated hard-boiled eggs

Easter eggs can be full of sugar and unhealthy saturated fats , but the real deal is incredibly healthy.

According to Bupa Dietitian Gemma Cosgriff, two eggs on their own, provide a powerful protein punch (6 grams) that will fill you up for quite a long time, with only 710kJ of energy.

“Despite fears of what is in the yolks, the yolk has the majority of the good nutrition, we’re talking about mostly the right kind of fat, vitamin D (which supports our absorption of calcium for healthy bones and teeth), high in antioxidants (yep, it’s not just fruit and vegetables which offer this bonus), nutrients that support good brain and nervous system health, as well as folate, iron and B-vitamins.”

Get creative

For this colourful creation  simply start with some hard boiled eggs, which have cooled. Dunk them in half a cup of boiling water, with a dash of vinegar and about 10-20 drops of food colouring. Let the eggs sit in the colouring for about five minutes, then remove.

You can be as creative as you like using stickers to create spots, or try drawing on the eggs with crayons before they are dyed, for a unique design.
This is a great one to involve the kids in making - but be warned it can be a messy job so it’s worth laying down some newspaper or plastic, and protecting their clothing, before getting started.
decorated eggs

Baby carrot pots

For another savoury Easter snack that looks great, try these delicious baby carrot pots. 

Fill some small, clean terracotta pots with hummus and simply ‘plant’ some peeled baby carrots (with the stalks left on for effect) into the pot with the stalks facing up.

This is a great gift idea, but it’s also a nice appetiser for Easter entertaining.

Chocolate-covered fruit

Some say fruit is nature’s candy, but for Easter you might want a little touch of choccie too. Chocolate-covered strawberries are always a hit, but you could also try coating raspberries, pieces of pineapple, chunks of banana or cherries.
The easiest way is to melt some dark chocolate in the microwave for 10 seconds, the remove it to stir. Repeat in 10 second intervals until the melted chocolate has a smooth consistency. Simply dip your fruit into the chocolate, place it on a tray lined with baking paper, cover with foil and refrigerate until the chocolate has set. 

Healthy hot cross bun

Most of us  love hot cross buns but often they’re made with refined carbohydrates, which don’t fill us up. The easy solution is to play around with recipes you have at home. Replace white flour with wholemeal flour, which will make the hot cross buns denser but also more filling and healthier because they’ll be packed with fibre.

Replacing caster sugar with natural alternatives like honey or pure maple syrup  might also help. Natural syrups like honey tend to taste sweeter than refined sugar, which means you might get away with using less.

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