Green with envy: a delicious green smoothie recipe

Tried your hand at a healthy green brew, only to throw it out after a few sips? Well, don’t pack away the blender just yet. We share some tips to help make your green smoothie something that’s not only good for you but something that tastes good too! 

Blend in batches

There’s nothing worse than drinking something green, slimy and chunky! If your drinks are a little on the chunky side, you may need to blend your smoothie in batches or keep the blender running for longer. 

Try blending your leafy greens with a liquid base such as water first, and if there are any pieces stuck under the blade, stop the blender and mix the ingredients around with a small spoon. 

Add more water or juice if needed. Then add your fruits and any other ingredients to finish it off. 

If you’re planning on a daily smoothie ritual (and why not?!), it may be worth investing in a high-powered blender. 

Spice it up

Don’t be afraid to spice up your smoothie with some grated ginger or a dash of cinnamon or cardamom. These common pantry items are not only good for you but have a sweet aftertaste that works a treat. And you don’t need much, less than a teaspoon, for an extra kick.

Make your own flavoured ice cubes

Avoid the watery aftertaste from bland ice cubes and make your own flavoured varieties. 

Puree frozen strawberries, blueberries or blackberries with a little water and pour into ice cube trays for a berry-infused treat.

Have a bunch of brown bananas sitting in the corner? While ripe bananas are perfect for your smoothie, if you find you have too many for the week, simply blitz them with a little water and pour into ice cube trays for later use. 

Another creative idea is to top semi-frozen ice cubes with a couple of mint leaves for a refreshing twist. 

Add a shot of juice

If you find that the veggies in your green juice are a little overpowering, you could try adding a shot of your favourite juice to contrast some of the leafy flavours. 

Experiment with ratios until you find the right balance. A handful of fresh fruits, like pears and bananas, are also sweet and healthy alternative. 

Less is more

Finally, don’t go overboard with ingredients. Pick a few leafy favourites, balance it out with a couple sweet fruity flavours and add a dash of your favourite spice or herb. That’s it. Save any unused ingredients for tomorrow’s creative concoction.
green smoothie recipe

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