Five healthier bbq swaps

Nothing says Aussie summer like a backyard BBQ around the Hills hoist. The good news is it doesn’t have to be an indulgence.

Bupa dietitian Rosalyn D’Angelo has found five BBQ swaps that are healthier and delicious.

Swap: Beef sausages in white bread          

For: kangaroo sausage on multigrain

Kangaroo sausages are generally leaner than other red meats because they’re lower in saturated fat. Switching from white to wholegrain bread means you’re eating more micronutrients and fibre. Extra points for adding some lettuce, tomato and onions on top! 

Swap: T-bone steak

For: Palm-sized serve of lean red meat (eye fillet or sirloin)

These cuts are much lower in saturated fat. Basically the less white fat you can see on the meat the better. Portion also matters!

Swap: BBQ pork ribs

For: homemade pork & veggie kebabs

Spare ribs are quite a fatty cut of pork, and the sauce they're basted in often has a lot of sugar and some salt. Kebabs are a fun and delicious ways to incorporate some extra veggies in your meal. Plus with all the different colours and shapes on skewers they’re great for entertaining.

green bean salad

Swap: Mayonnaise-based potato or pasta salad

For: Green bean salad with slithered almonds topped with balsamic vinegar/ olive oil (pictured)

A good rule of thumb to ensure your salad is healthy, use no more than 50% starchy vegetables like potato or corn, or other carbohydrate like pasta or rice. So if you love potato salad, throw in some non-starchy veggies like capsicum, green beans, tomato and broccoli. Also, Mayonnaise can have quite a bit of fat and salt depending on the brand. Try to go for salads dressed with olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice or garlic.

Swap: BBQ chicken drumsticks (skin on)

For:  skinless chicken breast

The breast is the leanest cut of chicken. Most of the saturated fat in chicken sits just below the skin so it’s best to remove the skin before cooking. If you remove it afterwards, a lot of the fat has already seeped in during the cooking process.

Extra dietitian tip

A simple way to boost your nutrition and ensure suitable portion control is to try to have double the amount of cooked veggies or green salad than you're having of meat or bread on your plate.

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