Does portion control mean small portions?

We look at portion sizes and how you can enjoy healthy, balanced meals whilst also feeling full and satisfied.

Do you associate healthy eating and diets with feeling hungry and eating tiny amounts?

If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people mistakenly believe that they have to eat tiny portions in order to be healthy or lose weight.

Portion size is only one part of the equation – the balance and types of foods you eat is what matters most. And if you get this right you can often feel satisfied and full whilst eating a healthy diet. 

A well-balanced meal

A balanced meal means a balanced plate. Low-starch veggies should fill half your plate, with equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates filling the other half. As part of a broader healthy diet, try and get some fruits and dairy in there as well.

healthy plat diagram
Healthy Plate Guide 
Overeating is something to avoid, but that doesn’t mean healthy eating means tiny meals. Balancing your portions so that vegetables form the foundation of each meal can not only help lower your risk of chronic health problems, but can also keep you feeling satisfied – and this can help you maintain a healthy weight.
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