Chicken taco meal

Dietitian and Chef Charlotte Miller gives the taco a healthy makeover, making it a quick and easy option for a mid-week family meal. 

Tacos don’t have to be a cheesy, meaty meal – they can actually be a great way to include a heap of nutritious foods while also feeling like you are eating takeaway. 

In this recipe, I include the basic chicken braise recipe I've talked through previously, but of course you can use any meat – fresh or leftovers – you like or keep it vegetarian and use canned kidney, black or mixed beans.
This meal makes a great family feast. It uses up leftovers and combines them with heaps of fresh vegetables, legumes and spices, leaving the family to choose and combine their own meal. Switch items in or out depending on what your family enjoys and what you have easy access to. 

Some suggestions for alternatives or extras include avocados, grated cheese, rocket or lettuce mix, rice salad, mixed bean salad, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, grilled vegetables or grain salads.

Recipe – serves 4
Chicken Tacos 
Combine chicken and beans in a pot and place over a low heat. Add paprika and stir regularly until heated through. Add chilli or hot sauce if you like spice.
Corn salad
  • 4 corn on cob or 250g frozen corn cobs
  • ½ small red onion – finely sliced
  • ½ bunch coriander washed and chopped
Try to buy corn with its husk still on. Heat the oven to 160oc and place the whole corn with husk still on, into the oven for 30 minutes. Remove and cool slightly then peel away husk and slice the kernels away from the cob. (if using frozen corn, toss through a hot pan until slightly browned.) Combine corn with sliced red onion and coriander and set aside. 
Cabbage salad
  • ½ small head of red cabbage shredded
  • 1 medium zucchini grated
  • 6 tbs red wine vinegar
  • 2tbs olive oil
Toss cabbage and zucchini with the salt, vinegar and oil. Leave to marinate for 10-20 minutes, tossing regularly, before serving.
Tomato salad
  • 1-2 punnets of cherry tomatoes or 200g fresh tomato diced 
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • ½ bunch coriander washed and chopped
  • 1 lemon juiced
  • Pepper to taste
Combine diced tomatoes with other ingredients and combine well. Tomatoes deteriorate once they have lemon juice on them so it is best to not prepare these too far in advance.
  • 1 small jar Jalapenos chopped
  • 1 head of romaine (cos) or iceberg lettuce shredded
  • Spicy sauce
  • Lemon or lime
Lay it all out in the middle of your family dinner table and let each member of the family build their own Tacos. Any leftovers are great for lunch the next day. 
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