Change your life. Ready... Set... goal!

Do you need inspiration to get up off the couch and make a difference to your health and care? Sometimes, making a difference starts with just one little goal. We asked 500 people to open up, and share what they’re going to do to make a difference in their lives.  

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Start 2017 with good habits. Set yourself a Health & Care goal this week, commit to it and share with us how you went for your chance to WIN 1 of 50 vivofit™ Garmin fitness bands.

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More inspiration for your goal

Have you ever wondered how your personal goals compare to others? Which challenges everyone else is facing? Wonder no more.

We asked, and you answered, and these are our favourites.

  • Pat: I will walk as best I can with a sore knee. I will attend my exercise class and do weights at home.
  • Nisha: Work on reducing my stress levels
  • Ethan: Brush my teeth after every meal
  • Doris: Smile more
  • Tiffany: start playing football
  • Ayaz: I will exercise for 30 minutes every morning and drink more water
  • Jimmy: I will run and dance
  • Tabitha: Walk my dog more
  • Vince: Quit smoking
  • Dave: Drink less alcohol, exercise more
  • Gemma: Go to the gym 5 times next week
  • Michelle: Go for a bike ride with the family.
  • Johnson: I will go the gym and I’ll use more suncream
  • Laura: Drink less alcohol
  • Joe: Working in the garden with my grandma
  • Tania: Start an outdoor fitness class
  • Hamish: I’m planning to start swiming with my daughter
  • Kim: No more lunches at my desk in 2017
  • Belinda: Be happy!
  • Harry: This week I will clean the house with my mum
  • Leonie: Ride my bike, eat lots of fruit, do yoga every day
  • Madeleine: start leaving work on time and go for a walk after work
  • Jonty: Play tennis with my son
  • Tania: Make a dental appointment and go for a walk
  • Celina: Run more and eat less sugar
  • Elise: Go to bed earlier and walk the dog more
  • Nikki: Start riding my bike into work
  • Jessie: Give myself enough time to fit in some healthy activity like going to the gym, party at night, and go around the world!
  • Mary: Reduce the amount of TV I watch
  • Reva: Get better at tennis
  • Diana: Go hiking in NZ
  • Carolina: Go dancing and drink more water
  • Wendy: Run the whole of westerfolds Park run course... incliuding the hill
  • Brooke: Eat all the veggies on my plate
  • Saro: Squat more often
  • Thiago: Start to train for 42kms
  • Micka: Reduce my sugar intake, start the week with a run.
  • James: Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Natalie: Restart my classes at the gym. I haven’t been in a month.
  • Nancy: get my blood tested for cholesterol levels
  • Feng: I will walk. And sing!
  • Lynchy: Catch up with friends reularly. And eat lighter meals.
  • Lucas: Go to the doctor
  • Eleni: I will go to see a psychologist
  • Sam: Take some time to myself. (Very young kids.)
  • Danny: Run for 20 minutes every day
  • Kim: Stop eating so much icecream
  • Amalia: drink responsibly the night before so I can wake up (well before midday!) and sieze the day! Carpe Diem!
  • Sue: Do daily exercises for my back
  • Callum: Prepare meals and run 3 times a week
  • Susan: Go for a walk, line dancing, watch my diet.
  • Maja: explore the city through walking, instead of taking the tourist bus!

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