Training & nutrition tips for the Santos Tour Down Under

Here you'll find a list of articles and resources to help you prepare for the Bupa Challenge Tour at the Santos Tour Down Under, or other endurance sporting events.

Nutrition advice for a 20 to 50km cycling race 
When taking part in a bike race, what you eat and drink can pay an important role in your performance. This nutrition advice is recommended if you’re preparing for a 20 to 50 kilometre cycling race.

Nutrition advice for a 100 to 150km cycling race 
What you eat and drink can make a big difference to your performance during a long cycling race. Learn more about the best foods to choose before, during and after your ride, if you aim to cycle 100 to 150 kilometres.

Nutrition advice for a 200+km cycling race 
If you’re planning to tackle a cycling race of more than 200 kilometres, you’re no doubt an experienced cyclist who knows your cycling inside and out! But achieving the right balance of food and drink before, during and after your race, could give you the edge you’re looking for. 

What is tapering?
If you’re training for a cycling tour, a marathon, or one of the many triathlons on offer throughout the year, there are a few tricks which could give you the edge you need. Tapering is one of them. 

Carbohydrate loading
Confused about carb loading? Bupa sports dietitian Nick Green explains what it is, how to get it right, and what a typical carb loading daily diet might look like.

Carb loading meal plans for the endurance athlete
Carbohydrate loading can help maximise the amount of fuel (in the form of glycogen) stored in your body to help you go further, faster and more efficiently on race day. Sports dietitian, Nick Green, has prepared three example meal plans to help get you started.

How to choose an exercise buddy

An exercise buddy can help you stick with your fitness routine as well as share challenges and triumphs, so it pays to choose them wisely.

Bupa has been supporting the community ride of the Santos Tour Down Under for 15 years, encouraging you to keep active by getting on your bike and having a go, while raising awareness of the significant health and social benefits of cycling. If you're interested in learning more or signing up for the 2017 Bupa Challenge Tour, click here.

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