Think Tai Chi is just for seniors? Think again!

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your mental focus, sleep better at night or work on your posture, this article is for you.

There’s an old Chinese saying, 'Whoever practices Tai Chi regularly will in time gain the suppleness of a child, the strength of a lion, and the peace of mind of a sage.' 

When many people think of Tai Chi, they may think of grandparents or seniors slowly and gracefully moving in unison in a lovely big peaceful park.

Well, that’s not far off – but there’s no need to limit the peaceful nimble group to seniors. In fact – practicing Tai Chi in your younger years could bring about a whole range of health benefits.

Master Jin Song, Tai Chi instructor and founder of Tai Chi Australia provides answers to a few commonly asked questions about Tai Chi.

What is Tai Chi? 

Tai Chi is a slow and gentle full body work out good for health and relaxation. It’s a form of low impact physical exercise which requires deep breathing and meditative relaxation techniques. It is principally a tranquil, gentle and enjoyable means of helping attain and maintain health, improved mobility, suppleness, mental alertness and harmony in both mind and body.

What are the health benefits of Tai Chi?

Tai Chi can help provide many benefits when practiced over a lifetime, including helping to:

  • Produce a refreshed, greater mental focus
  • Create better sleep patterns
  • Create good body posture 
  • Promote muscle fitness 

The benefits of Tai Chi are well recognised by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, who are often Tai Chi instructors themselves. Tai Chi is considered to be the “physiotherapy “of TCM. A great advantage of Tai Chi is that almost anyone, regardless of age or level of fitness, can do it. Early morning is the time you're likely to see most real devotees in action.

Man doing Tai Chi

What can someone expect from a typical class?

A typical class will vary depending on the level of the student. Beginners and Community classes are specially designed to guide the students through the basic movements with an emphasis on balance, coordination and safety.

At Federation Square, we mainly teach the fundamental movements in a gentle exercise style, as we cater to a wide variety of people, including interstate and overseas visitors. We start off with warm-up exercises and then move on to different Tai Chi fundamental forms. These can be easily followed by everyone. The class is closed off with everyone doing the lotus relaxation exercise so they walk away feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the day.

As students’ progress in more formal classes they will learn different styles and more comprehensive forms.

If you’re interested in developing ‘the suppleness of a child’, ‘the strength of a lion’, and ‘the peace of mind of a sage’, why not test it out for yourself and make up your own mind.

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