The backyard obstacle course

Bored by your regular exercise routine? Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and try this backyard obstacle course with the whole family.

Exercising as a whole family is not only a fun way to spend time but also a great way to help to install a love of health and fitness in your kids.

By engaging in activities together you get the double whammy of spending quality time together and keeping fit to boot.

This backyard obstacle course can be done in a park, or anywhere where there are a few bits of equipment and your imagination.

In my garden we used some sticks for a ladder jump, a bench, the slide, the trampoline and a cheap kids tunnel to create loads of exhilarating activities that got all of our blood pumping.
You make it easier for the kids, and harder for the adults and keep going until everyone is all tuckered out.
1. All - Stick ladder jump
2. Kids - Walk the plank                    Adult – Push ups 
3. Kids – Lap around a tree x 2      Adult – Mountain climbers
4. Kids – Slide dash   Adult – Sumo jump squats
5. Kids – Under the tunnel                Adult – Plank
6. Kids – Tramponline jump x 10   Adult – Lunges
7. Kids – Tunnel crawl           Adult – Burpees
This may get a little competitive, but remember, the most important part to getting active together is having fun. There are no winners.
Unless it’s you. Then there’s totally a winner.

Bupa Team Family

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