Stay in shape this winter

Feeling the cold? Despite the chill setting in, there are many advantages to keeping up your exercise routine through winter. 

Fitness First’s National Fitness Development Manager, Adrian Holdsworth, has these tips to help keep your motivation in check. 

Be prepared

The more comfortable you feel, the more likely you are to stick to your workout plans. Preparing your active wear wardrobe with appropriate winter clothing will help ensure you are equipped to face the cold for an outdoor workout or a dash to and from the gym. Think compression wear and lightweight jackets – any excuse to go shopping, right?

Enjoy the daylight

Without daylight savings (for those in the south eastern states), an earlier sunrise is one of the few benefits of winter. There is something energising about getting out of bed after the sun has risen, so why not embrace it? Consider swapping your evening routine for the morning. It can feel great to start your day with exercise, and a non-negotiable early morning workout will help ensure nothing gets in the way of your training. 

Use the cold to your advantage

Exercising in hot environments – such as running outside on a hot day – can often impact performance as the body struggles to keep your internal temperature stable. Although it can take a little longer to get going in the cold, our bodies are better able to regulate core temperature in cooler conditions, making winter a great time to get serious about your training. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, and warm up before exercising, and cool down afterwards, to help prevent injury.

woman doing yoga by the water in winter

Plan an active escape

It might not be the low season for tourism in many parts of the world, but a short winter trip could be just what you need to keep your motivation to stay in shape on track. Escape to somewhere sunny, book a hiking adventure or stay local and get active on the ski slopes. The possibilities are pretty much endless! 

Get the winning edge

Many people pause their training in winter and get back into fitness as the weather improves. But results don’t happen overnight, so if you want to maintain the fitness you’ve worked hard to achieve, or you’ve got a bit of a competitive streak, keep moving in the cold months and you'll be a step ahead when the warm weather arrives. It’s sometimes said; summer bodies are made in winter!

Have a healthy dose of perspective

In the majority of Australian climates winter is much more bearable than in other parts of the world – but it’s all relative. When you’re considering skipping the gym to cosy up at home instead, think about this – if the residents of Edinburgh or Alaska didn’t exercise every time it was cold or drizzling they would probably only workout a handful of times each year!

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