Our top 5 cycling apps

As the popularity of cycling grows, so do the apps tracking many aspects of your ride from your heart rate, route, to your competitors.

The number of people ditching the car and hopping on their bike has skyrocketed in Australia. According to recent research, 3.7 million of us cycle regularly - that’s roughly one in five.

Whether you’re a novice, or you’re truly dedicated there’s an avalanche of different apps that promise to track  your ride. We’ve taken the hard work out of trying and testing the myriad of programs on the market.
Here are five of our favourites.


If you’re a keen cyclist you have no doubt heard of the popular app Strava.

This app tracks your ride including the distance you cover, elevation, your speed and other metrics but it’s the social aspect that many cyclists enjoy. If you ride the same track or ‘segment’ you can compare your heart rate zone with fellow cyclists and brag about your “suffer score”. A leaderboard within your cycling circle can help motivate riders to push themselves to improve their time and climb the ladder. 

Cost: free, but to access training plans and more detailed analysis you need to pay for Strava Premium.

Ride with GPS

This is another popular choice for cyclists, it can help you plan your ride, offers directions during your ride and also tracks your times and distances. 

You can program in your type of bike for more accurate readings and even monitor your friends live as they ride.

Ride with GPS is free.

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect works with Garmin devices to track and analyse metrics like time, distance and elevation. It also estimates the amount of calories you have burnt during your ride And you can join a training group and get feedback and motivation from friends.

The beauty of this program is that data loaded into Garmin can be automatically shared with other apps like Strava and Ride with GPS making this a really convenient way to manage your ride history.

Cost: free
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Map my ride

Map my ride is a great app for those who love to explore. It has more than 70 million suggested routes all over the world. 

Like most of the other apps you can track your activity and share it with friends via social media. There’s also an option to log what you’re eating to help you balance your calorie intake with exercise output. 

Cost: free

Runtastic Mountain Bike

Runtastic Mountain Bike is for the off road cyclist with an adventurous spirit.

Explore popular new routes or find and track your own. The offline maps feature means you have help to find your way in and out of remote areas where there is no phone or internet connection.

Cost: Free

Before setting out it’s important to remember the GPS apps do drain your battery life, so ensure your phone has plenty of charge before setting off. 
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