Nailing your winter workout wardrobe

It might be freezing outside, but once you work up a sweat you’re all of a sudden scrabbling to rip off the layers. So how do you nail the perfect winter workout wardrobe?

Who hasn’t been caught out wearing too much or not enough working out in winter? Claire Davies from New Balance shares the secret to dressing for success.

Find the right fabric

Davies says it’s important to wear fabrics that are comfortable, lightweight and keep you dry during your workout.

She recommends trying an ‘intuitive’ fabric designed to help cool your body when it heats up. It’s also a good idea to look out for fast drying, mesh panels to provide some air circulation.  

High stretch fabrics are always a workout winner as they ensure your movement is not restricted.

“It’s also important to check the seaming as you don’t want chaffing or seam irritation,” says Davies.

“Outer layers that are lightweight and water and wind resistant are great for those early morning workouts,” she says. “As the daylight hours reduce it’s important to wear garments that have multiple hits of reflectivity to ensure you are seen on the roads.”

Avoiding bulk

You don’t want to be rugged up like an Eskimo when you’re heading out for a run, hike or ride on a chilly day. 

“Layering is a key way to ensure your body reaches its optimal core temperature to then preform at your best, but the key is to avoid bulk,” says Davies.

Davies says it’s best to start with a base layer (the layer that is directly on your skin) that has a high level of moisture wicking properties, which help move moisture away from the skin. For women, this means investing in a good pair of running tights and a quality long sleeve tee. It’s always nice to break up the black with a splash of colour. For men, a pair of running tights helps keep your lower body warm and will prevent chaffing. If you feel a little exposed, pop some running shorts over the top for modesty.

With the top or outer layer, look for a jacket with ventilation and protection from the elements. A vest which you can unzip if you get too hot is a great alternative to a jacket and does not restrict movement. 

“A windcheater/breaker is a great option as a top layer as they are generally lightweight, wind and water resistant and packable,” says Davies. “Be sure to look out for wicking technology so it further enhances the ventilation, air circulation that you have created at your base layer.”

Wardrobe winners

woman running in leggings and a long sleeve top
A good pair of running tights and a quality long sleeve tee are winter workout staples. New Balance recommends: in transit half zip, impact premium printed tight (pictured).
new balance singlet
A quality tank with moisture wicking properties is a great base layer to keep your chest warm and dry. It's surprising how quickly you heat up while running even in the middle of winter. New Balance recommends: NB Ice Tank (pictured).

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