Join the (running) club

Why run alone when there are running clubs dotted across Australia offering fun, friendship and support while you get fit? 

Whether you’re running to lose weight, achieve a personal best or simply meet new people, training with others is a bona fide way to find some extra motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Feel good about your body

You are more likely to push yourself further and faster when running with others, either because you don’t want to let your running buddies down or you unleash a competitive streak, says Michael Bushell, The Runner’s Physio. 

“[Over time, with careful training,] your body adapts and becomes stronger to help you achieve a new level of running ability.” 

Training under an accredited coach also gives you access to technique correction as well as pacing and recovery advice to help improve your preparation, efficiency and endurance. Plus, having a structured training plan can help ward off overuse injuries − important if you’re a rookie or returning to running.

You are more likely to push yourself further and faster when running with others.

Feel good about yourself

Through the highs and lows of training with others, you could form new friendships – and some might even find love! Many find a confidence they didn’t know they had by being around a new set of people outside of their everyday life.
Marathoners running

Be accountable

It’s 5.30am, raining and you can’t get out of bed. Well, that was the old you. When running in a group, you may be more likely to hit the track (rain, hail or shine) because you know everyone else is going to be there. What’s more, if your club has a mantra to help boost your mental strength or an added agenda such as running to raise money for charity, you’ll feel more accountable.

Tips, trends and tactics

Ever wondered if you really need the latest fitness gadget to track your kilometres? Running with others is a great way keep up with what other runners are trialling and talking about such as nutrition, race day strategies and choosing running shoes.

Find a running club near you

New South Wales 

Can Too began as a running club in Sydney and now has running, swimming and triathlon groups across Australia. Participants raise funds for cancer research. 

Northern Territory 

Since the 1960s, Darwin Runners & Walkers have hosted training sessions and events from social walks to competitive road races. 


Queensland Running is a family-orientated group for runners interested in shorter distances, typically between 500m and 8Km. 

South Australia 

South Australian Road Runners Club offers specialised groups for beginners, marathon experts and trail runners. 


The Professional Cross Country Club of Tasmania includes a program of 27 races from 5K to marathon distance. 


Athletics Victoria has more than 60 affiliated clubs in metropolitan and country regions. 

Western Australia 

The West Australian Marathon Club offers a year round program of events for casual and competitive runners and boasts over 1000 members aged between 10 and 70. 

Check out CoolRunning or Clubs of Australia to find more clubs near you.

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