Jens Voigt's top tips for bike riding

We speak to Jens Voigt to get his top tips for those who want to get back on their bike.

Tip one: Know your limits

“First of all, know your limits, be realistic with yourself and don’t want too much in too short an amount of time because then you overtrain yourself and get all frustrated and you just want to give up.” – Jens Voigt

Tip two: Get some advice

“Catch up with a local bike/ride a bike community and find someone to teach you a little bit. Get a little bit of knowledge from the experts. Have a good bike that fits to you, have someone explain your seat should be higher or your seat should be lower, you need to lean more forward or not so you feel comfortable because your body works more efficient if you have a well-balanced position so you’re more efficient on the bike.” – Jens Voigt

Tip three: Find company

“Find company to enjoy it. You know when you like wake up in the morning and go ‘Ohhhh, I don’t want to go out, it’s all too hard, I don’t feel like it’, if you know there is two or three or four of your friends waiting for you and you have a little bike ride, stop at a coffee shop, chat a little bit and go back home it is so much more fun.” – Jens Voigt
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