At home winter workout

Keep your body moving and active this winter with this quick and dynamic at home workout you can do in your lounge room. 

Keeping fit during winter might seem like less of a priority. The weather may be less inviting to get outdoors, and we may be wearing enough layers to hide any wobbly bits away.

Staying active in winter doesn’t have to mean getting out in the cold and dark to pound the pavement, and it also doesn’t need to mean expensive gym and club memberships. You can actually workout without leaving your cosy, warm lounge.

Set the kids up with something to occupy them for half an hour and take 30 minutes for your fitness goals and your health with this at home workout routine. If you’re thinking of starting a new exercise program, check with doctor first to make sure the activity is appropriate for you, especially if you’ve been inactive, are pregnant, or have any health concerns. 

Also, if at any time throughout the workout you feel overly exerted, faint or lightheaded, you must stop immediately.

The exercises you for this workout are as follows:

10 x Burpees with chest to ground: If chest to ground is too hard, only go as low as a plank before jumping back up. Keep your tummy drawn in and activate your core to protect your back.

10 x Single leg backwards lunge: Keep your knee over your ankle and focus on drawing your tummy up and in for core stability. Swap legs after ten.

10 x V Snaps: Draw your tummy button in and raise your shoulders off the ground leading with the shoulders, not your head. If this is too dynamic for you, leave your feet on the ground with your knees bent.

10 x Deep Squat: Keeping your chest up and your back straight lower all the way down into a deep squat. Pushing your butt out and rise up ensuring your maintain this posture.

10 x Triceps Push-Up: Make a triangle out of your hands and lower down into the push up position ensuring your elbows stay tight into the body. This activates your triceps. Do these on your toes if you have the strength, otherwise stay on your knees with your back flat in a plank. Try a couple on your toes first to help increase strength. If you can’t do it this time, you will be able to do it soon!

10 x Wide Mountain Climbers: Keep your arms strong, your back straight and your tummy pulled in to maintain core strength as your jump your legs up working your entire core and obliques. Just go slowly if this is too dynamic for you.

10 x Side Lunges: Ensuring your knee stays safely over your ankle, push out to the side in a side lunge. Keep your tummy pulled in for stability.

10 x Butt lift: Laying flat on your back with your knees bent, raise one leg straight up to the ceiling and lift your butt as high as you can and squeeze. Keep your tummy drawn in, and clench your buttocks. Swap legs after 10.

10 x Skier: Stepping out wide and drawing your back leg behind you try to get a spring in there and go as wide as you can to work deep into your butt. Go slowly and carefully until your feel confident in the move.

10 x Walk Outs: Make like a caterpillar and walk out with strong arms and then walk it in with your legs. Ensure you get a full extension into plank for best effect. Just go slowly and remain controlled. If 10 is too strong, just start with five.

Do this series of exercises three times (or even more if you’re keen) for a half hour all over workout. If it’s too much when starting out, break it up and do one round in the morning, another later in the day.

Ensure your technique is good, with a straight back and switched on core, and in no time this workout will get easier and you’ll feel great.

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Have fun!
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