11 ways to work out and connect as a family

Eleven active ideas to do together as a family to help you all connect and have fun whilst also getting your daily dose of exercise.

If you have small children, working out alone can sometimes seem appealing. As the bright lights and throbbing beats of the gym can help give you some ‘me’ time. 

But living in the real world sometimes means that you just can’t find the time to go to the gym. So instead of giving exercise the flick, why not get the kids involved and work out together as a family. Who knows, the fitness vibe might rub off on them too or at least tire them out so you can have a cuppa alone later. 

Here are 11 ways to connect and work out together as a family: 

1. Use your young baby as a ‘weight’ as you do squats, lunges and push ups, or sitting on a medicine ball (only if they are strapped to you for safety) – depending on how old they are and how much they weigh of course! If you have weak pelvic floor muscles, or have trouble balancing while doing the exercises carrying your baby, do the exercises on your own with your baby lying on a mat or sitting in a rocker nearby so they can see you, but safely out of the way.

2. Use play equipment like a swing or climbing frame in the garden or playground to do pull ups and chin ups.

3. Run laps around the perimeter of your yard while the kids play outside. You can also do this at the local playground. The kids can keep count of your laps to practise their counting

4. Jump on the trampoline, with or without the kids

5. Teach the children some yoga or watch a yoga video and learn together. 
Young mum doing yoga with her children in their living room.
6. Play soccer, football, netball, or poison ball in the yard with the kids. Mix up the teams so you sometimes have parents against kids, boys against girls etc.

7. Play Red Rover, with you in the middle and the kids trying to escape. It’s fun to see the teamwork between siblings as you become the common ‘enemy’.
8. Go for a walk or run with the kids in a pram, or riding their bikes or scooters if they’re a bit older.
9. Lead the older kids in some calisthenics. Record how many star jumps, burpees and sit ups they can each do in a minute, and then challenge yourselves each time to beat your score.
10. Make a habit of going for a before or after dinner walk around the neighborhood. This is also a great way to encourage conversation and find out what’s going on with everyone, as well as give a friendly wave to your neighbors.
11. Sign the kids up for the Weetbix Kids Tryathlon and train together as a family. Set a goal to be able to swim, ride and run the distance in the triathlon and slowly build your way up. The best part is that it's just for fun, so there's no pressure on the little ones.

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