Tips for a hassle-free family snow trip

If the idea of a family snow trip triggers a headache, don’t despair − with some practical planning, you can enjoy a memorable (easy) winter escape. 

Brrrrrrrr! Temperatures have dropped, the fire is roaring and the winter woollies are well and truly unpacked. But this doesn’t have to signal a drop in activity. In fact, for our family – it’s just the opposite. Our favourite thing about winter? Snow on the big hills that are only 30 kilometres up the road.
Living so close to the base of a popular ski hill has many advantages – the biggest one being convenience. But even if you live a little further away, a trip to the snow doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are some tips for a hassle free getaway:

Beg, borrow and steal 

If your trip is purely for a snow experience, don’t buy anything that you don’t need. Ask around in all of your different circles (kinder, school, family, work, etc) and you’ll be sure to find many different bits and pieces. See what you can borrow from someone BEFORE you become all bright eyed at the many ski sales popping up all over the place.

Kids hate being cold 

This is such an important rule to remember. Dress your children (and yourself) appropriately and the day should be a good one. Jeans and gumboots just won’t cut it. Layers (and lots of them) are the way to do it and always finish with a waterproof one. It’s much easier to take layers off than it is to deal with an unhappy child who’s cold.
kids playing in snow

Take your own food

Most resorts will have a day shelter that has access to lockers, chairs, tables and bathrooms. This is where you need to be when you stop. Not in a café or restaurant. Think, thermos of something hot (soup or hot chocolate), sandwiches and bottles of water. And have a back up of food packed in an esky in the car for the trip home when they are STARVING.

Pre-purchase your trip

There are many different options for pre-purchasing packages that can make it cheaper and easier on the day. Check out the website for each ski resort for information about pre-purchasing car entry, ski tickets, lessons and more. You may be able to package something with a ski rental shop that works out cheaper overall. Do your research and you could be pleasantly surprised.
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