The 1 (!) simple way to reconnect with your family

For many of us, spending more time with family is high on our priority list. Baby Mac shares one easy tip that might help you reconnect with your family.

It’s a new year and with that comes some new resolutions. For me, a big one is to spend more time off my phone and more time PRESENT when I am in the room with the kids. I’ve formed so many bad habits with social media. 

It’s a wonderful way to connect of course, but I know that my husband and I have become particularly reliant on the phones, maybe to the point of addictions. Family movie night will come around and despite my best intentions, I find myself checking in (just for a second of course, OK, 320 seconds) and removing myself from our precious family time. Cafes are the same. Restaurants. Even the park. I’ve come to realise that for me, it’s not OK.

So for us this year is going to be about really being there whenever we spend time as a family team. And for me, that means the phone is put away. Apps may be deleted and restricted to my laptop access only. And when we are ON, we are going to be ALL ON.

It doesn’t take much to instantly connect with our kids. Literally 10 mins can take everyone from their “me time” and into “team time”. It’s basic and it’s simple but I know it’s something that our family have completely forgotten how to do.

Here’s my top way of instantly re-connecting as a family:

  1. Get outside, get outside, GET OUTSIDE!

It can be as simple as that. GET OUTSIDE. This can be for a walk, a picnic of snacks, dinner on the grass, watering the garden. Any time we change the scenery, things instantly change and we find ourselves connecting as a team again.

It might be as simple as eating dinner or lunch outside. We sit around the table and we reconnect through food and talking.

Outdoor table
It might be inviting one of the girls to come outside and do a garden chore with me (watering or weeding); give them a job and they will be happy. As a plus, they usually follow each other to see what the others are doing, so before you know it, they will all be out there and you might get some chores done!
Child with watering can
You could create a simple, fun activity to do together: a fire pit for marshmallows after dinner, a picnic rug under the tree for morning or afternoon tea, a trip to the park to run around. There is something magical when it comes to oxygen and sunshine for kids.
Outdoor seating and fire pit
Go for a walk, or even a bike ride. Alone time exercising with me has been particularly good for my tween, who needs to discuss very important EMO stuff without her sisters around. A walk is the perfect way to do this.
Bikes in backyard

Simple right? So easy and yet SO easily forgotten. Especially by me and my bad habits that are so easy to fall into. 

You can see how we connected our family with the Woog’s when they came down for a recent visit here. Note: WE WERE OUTSIDE!

Make little moments matter

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