Ten ways to spend quality family time together

We catch up with ten families to find out how they spend quality time together and why it’s important to them. 

In today’s fast paced world it can be easy to let family time slip down your list of priorities. However, spending time together as a family is really important as it helps build strong family ties and helps create an environment where children can thrive. 

Spending time together as a family doesn’t have to be arduous or expensive - it can be as simple as eating dinner together and talking about your day, or going for a walk together on the weekend. 
What is important about family time, is that you find something you all enjoy and you’re present in the moment with each other. 
We caught up with ten families to find out how they spend quality time together as a family and why it’s so important to them. 
1. As a family we like to go on big adventure walks and have picnics in the park. Our boys love to swim and often drag their aging parents on the crazy water slides at the water parks. Adventure and being active is our family's number one priority.
2. Every afternoon before sports training our family walks or rides around the block. It's a great time to chat about our day and what has happened. It's great family time to laugh giggle and make memories while keeping active.
3. We love to spend time playing outdoors together.  We camp, we swim, we ride, we run, we climb, we jump in muddy puddles, we play games and we garden.  It keeps us strong and healthy in body and mind. Doing it all together makes it easy and fun.  Happy memories.
4. We love to make up back yard obstacle courses, climbing, spinning, swinging and jumping. Anything to get the heart racing while we have fun too. Our favourite course is when we make up a silly task to do at the end of the course. Keeping us fit and happy. 
5. We dedicate one day or weekend a month to have some family adventures outdoors. We like to do fun adventurous things like camping, archery, canoeing, abseiling, cannoning, and hiking. We get to experience these things together and have so much fun.

Make little moments matter

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