Eight Freezable Lunchbox Ideas

Here are eight freezer friendly lunchbox fillers to help take the hassle out of making packed lunches for the kids. 

I’m such a freezer-lunchbox fan that I have a dedicated ‘section’ in my freezer. Yep, I adore it.
Here are eight of my favorite freezer-friendly lunchbox recipes for you to try:
1.  Meatballs – Freeze these up in individual portions ready to heat up in the morning. You can add them to a whole grain wrap with some salad or even put them into a toasted sandwich.

3.  Toasted sandwiches – Use up the last of your roast chicken, cheese and pesto before it goes off and make up a few toasted sandwiches. These freeze well and if you pop them in the lunchbox frozen at breakfast time, they should be perfectly thawed by lunchtime.

4.  Soup – I often make a huge batch of soup and will freeze it in large ice cube trays so that I can pop them out into a thermos when I need them. Freezing them as ice cubes means they heat up faster. 

5.  Crispy Chicken Strips  – I’m forever freezing already baked homemade chicken strips because they’re so versatile in the lunchbox. You can add them to a wrap with lots of salad or you can make a salad and include them as the protein.  

6.  Two ingredient cookies –  These are quick and easy to make. The bonus is that they are even tastier when frozen… think banana and coconut ice cream. 

7.  Sweet vegetable muffins  – The kids will be hard pressed figuring out that these veggie packed numbers are healthier than their usual muffins.
8.  Dips  – Hummus and pesto freeze well and are excellent ways to get extra veg into the kids. I’ll often mash pumpkin into the hummus or add a few spinach leaves to the basil pesto.
For  a copy of the recipes, click here.
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