Team Family vs Australian Cricket-Team: Family bonding in a minute

When the Cooper’s met the Aussie cricket team, they put the ‘quality’ into quality time.

Having fun and making precious memories with your family need not take the form of expensive weekends away and overseas vacations. Sometimes the most precious moments are simply when you enjoy each other's company or work together to tackle a problem.

Or play some ridiculously fun games.

When The Cooper family joined together and took on the Australian cricket in a “Minute To Win It” challenge they had no idea what the power of joining forces could achieve. In a few short minutes they impressed themselves and had a riot of a time doing so.

In a series of games that took just one minute each, the Cooper family challenged cricketers Sean Marsh, Nick Marsh, Adam Voges and Steve Smith, to discover who had the necessary skills to be named victorious. 

"It was so exciting to meet the cricketers," said Daisy Cooper, 12. "We all just had fun together and it was competitive because we were all trying to win but not too competitive.”
Playing games such as Snowstorm, where competitors race each other to empty a tissue box one tissue at a time, and Junk in the Trunk, where a tissue box with ping pong balls is secured to the lower back and the challengers must race to shake and wriggle their box until all the balls are out.
"The games were fast paced and cool, and teaming up with my family was great. We all worked together, and it felt like we were getting closer while we played as a team," tells Daisy.
“We all won a few games but we were the overall winners. We couldn’t believe it!”
Daisy and her brother Jasper, 10, both enjoyed joining forces with their family, but excitement of the outcome is hard to beat.
"We were very surprised but thrilled to beat the cricketers. They were really cool and fun guys but I thought that they would win because they're professionals," tells Jasper. “I think I might take up cricket now.
"We enjoy playing games together as a family. Sometimes we play board games together or play soccer or tennis on the weekend," tells Jasper. "It's good because we spend time together and have fun."
Organising a fun afternoon with your family, or challenging another family to a competition is a fun way to spend quality time together. Both adults and children can reap benefits from spending quality time together.
“Family time involves a range of factors that benefit both kids and adults alike. Strengthening of connectedness, greater communication skills, emotion understanding and literacy, empathy building and being around loved ones and enjoying time together releases all our happy juices and contributes to our overall sense of wellbeing. Social connectedness is vital for physical and mental wellbeing,” tells child psychologist, Dr Sasha Lynn.
Quality time doesn't have to be about tackling the big issues, however you may discover that with the bond that comes through fun, you may be able to better face anything else life may throw at you.

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