Take 10 with Jens Voigt

We took ten and caught up with Jens Voigt, former professional road bicycle racer, and asked him some questions about his ‘Team Family’.

1. What do you do with your family to keep them active?  

“Like most kids in the world, my kids they like swimming so a lot of our activities we go swimming to public pools. Also when the weather is better, not know because it is very, very cold in Germany, I like to get the kids on their bikes to school or to pick them up on bikes, or even walk sometimes. I try to keep the kids active so that they know how fun it could be to do any sorts of sport. We try, my wife and I, we try to keep our kids active.” – Jens Voigt

2. Why is sport important for kids? 

“What I like about sport is it teaches you lessons for later life. You know you have a team who count on you. So, maybe one day you’re not motivated to go to training or you don’t want to go on a weekend to a competition. But you go ‘The team is waiting for me and I have to do it for them. They trust me, they rely on me.

“It’s about learning about team spirit, it’s about learning to lose together, to win together, cheer someone else up if they don’t have a good day. There are some really valuable lessons that can be taught in sports and that’s what I want to bring to my children.” – Jens Voigt

3. How do you encourage your kids to eat healthily? 

“We eat healthy, so the kids follow us. The kids like potatoes, the kids like salad, the kids like a good piece of meat, they like some fish, pasta. So, of course every now and then we you know have a burger at any given fast food place but we try to keep a good balance of having manly some healthy choices for the kids because that also increases their quality of life.” – Jens Voigt

4. How do you balance screen time and active time? 

“I would say the key is: to keep the kids interested in physical activities. Once you lose the interest in that it is hard to bring them back. So you’ve got to find ways with your kids to keep them active, to keep them going. And I know it is a big temptation, computer games, because it is easy. You just sit on the sofa, you just chill and start playing. I know it’s, I wouldn’t say a problem, but just something you have to look out for, to pay attention to. “ – Jens Voigt 
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