Seven ways to connect with your family

Many people look forward to the holiday season so they can spend quality time with their families. But if you’ve found that by day three, everyone is in their own room or glued to the TV, you may find these suggestions helpful. 

Here are seven ways to make the most of your days off this summer. 

1. Family dinnertime
Sometimes just getting everyone to the same table at the same time is enough to create some great conversations. Getting the family involved in the whole process, from the preparation, to the eating, to the clean-up, is a really great way to extend this time and share the effort.

2. Host a sports game
Getting everyone moving is another great way to spend quality time together without the kids even realising that’s what they’re doing. This can be as spontaneous as a game of backyard cricket or a walk around the block. You could also dedicate a day to a sports activity, like a big bike ride down to the coast or a hiking trip with a picnic stop. 

3. Start a hobby
For the days when the sun isn’t shining or when it’s just a home day, picking up an old hobby or learning a new one can help everyone relax, together. Try to pass on a craft like knitting or scrapbooking, or even pick up a craft kit and learn it together. For those who want to get their hands a little bit dirtier, try building a model or planting some flowers. At the end of it all, the family can bond over what they’ve all achieved together.

man, woman and child eating dinner

4. Play a game
A fun way to take time out is just by playing a game. Board games and card games make for a great night of fun and a little friendly competition. For something a bit different, minute to win it games are quick and entertaining and can usually be played with household items, making it ideal for holidays away from home. Click here to see our favourite minute to win it games.

5. Take up a class
During the school year it can feel like classes and lessons are never ending. This comes to a halt towards Christmas which can sometimes leave kids feeling restless and bored. An easy way to combat this (and squeeze in some extra time together) is to take up a new class together. From dancing to circus classes, painting to pottery, there are many options available during the school holidays for all ages and skill levels. They don’t have to be a long term commitment either, with many holiday classes only running for a couple of weeks. 

6. Do the shopping together
The shopping can feel like a chore which can even lead to tantrums and groans, especially at this time of year where a parking spot is sacred and food courts are overflowing. It doesn’t have to be like this though! Make it fun by setting challenges along the way or getting the kids involved. See more on how to do this here

7. Go see a concert or a show
A concert by a much-loved artist or a show which has travelled into your city is a great way to break up routine and can bring excitement from weeks out. Why not make a day of it and be a tourist in your own city before the show starts, or just have lunch out and about? This doesn’t have to break the bank either. Public transport and a picnic are an easy way to make concert-day that bit more exciting and increase the time you spend together as a family. 

Make little moments matter

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