Ready. Set. All Systems Go

Ready. Set. All Systems Go for some interactive family fun? 

I’m a wee bit excited... And not just because there is wee involved and it has grasped the interest of my incredibly mature and sensible children who of course don’t laugh at things like wee and fart noises.

No, I’m excited because I’ve just discovered Life Education’s new app, Ready, Set, All Systems Go a fun interactive app that helps kids learn about their bodies. Or more specifically five of the body’s major systems:
  1. Nervous.
  2. Respiratory.
  3. Circulatory.
  4. Excretory.
  5. Digestive (bring your own fart noises)

How it works

I … ahem … I mean the kids choose a system and play a game where they drag and drop various organs to the correct area of the body.
So, for example, the nervous system has the kids drag and drop the brain, brain stem, spinal cord and nerves into the correct positions. 

As you drag and drop a narrator also explains what each body part does and why.

Aside from learning about how the body works in a fun way, Ready, Set, All Systems Go also very simply explains that junk food will give you a lot of energy but only for a short time. 

Thus, junk food will make you feel tired more quickly, and eating healthy food will give you more energy to play for longer. 

It even gives a visual of how quickly the food is digested, and how quickly – or slowly – the energy from the food is used.
boy playing on ipad
There are little challenges at the end of each tutorial, helping to reinforce what you’ve just learnt.

I really wish this app had been around when I was studying human anatomy, and nutrition and exercise physiology all those years ago. I’m sure my then four-year-old also wished the same, as I often read my several inch thick text book to him while I was studying. 

But smartphones and tablets and the like weren’t invented then, so he was seriously deprived.

Ready, Set, All systems Go

Life Education’s fun and interactive game, Ready, Set, All Systems Go,  was developed in collaboration with Bupa. Life Education is Australia’s largest not-for-profit provider of health and safety education to children and young people. For over 35 years Life Education, supported by their iconic mascot Healthy Harold, has delivered their vital health and safety messages to millions of Australian kids. Working across the country, Life Education reaches over 640,000 children ever year, empowering them to make healthier and safer choices through education.

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