Quality family time at the Little BIG DASH

Little BIG DASH is an event ‘where family, fun and fitness collide’. Families take on 10 colourful and fun obstacles over three kilometres together. When Bupa asked us if we wanted to go, we thought, 'hey, why not' and signed up!

After listening to so many people saying to me, “Enjoy the year before school,” my eldest child headed off to school this year. And the quality time we used to spend together has become less and less. It's now typically confined to the afternoons when she’s tired, or on the weekends. 

It’s been a big adjustment, one that has been hard on both of us, so we always try to make family time a priority as I find having fun together really helps strengthen family bonds and open up conversations. It gives you common interests and experiences to chat about around the dinner table.

Despite all our busy routines, I often find that once you recognise the importance of something such as family time, you're more likely to try a little harder to find the time to do it.

My daughter and I both love to cook and I love that cooking with her means we are not only having fun, but she is also learning an important life skill. It can be as simple as choosing ingredients left over in the fridge and tossing a salad together or making a stirfry! What is important is that we are spending time together.

Having fun together as a family outdoors doing physical activity is also really important to us. This can be as simple as walking to school or going for a bigger bush walk on the weekend.

A couple of weeks ago we did something a bit different together and signed up for the Little BIG DASH

Little BIG DASH is (according to their website) an event ‘where family, fun and fitness collide’. And families take on 10 colourful and fun obstacles over three kilometres together. When Bupa asked us if we wanted to go, we thought, 'Hey why not,' and signed the family up. 

We ran around for most of the Little BIG DASH, because of our unbridled excitement. Our momentum kept going, because we didn’t know what our next adventure would be! From crawling under cargo nets, to running through a tunnel of bubbles, the fun kept us going for the entire course and meant that we didn’t really realise that we’d ran almost 3km.

The highlight was definitely looking at my daughter's face and seeing a very broad grin. Even though I’m not the most athletic person, I’m more of a walker, we really enjoyed every minute of it. The fun, the excitement, the helping each other, and the opportunity to work as a team made it worthwhile. Then, recounting the story to her little brother and telling him what we’d done gave her a real sense of achievement. 

Just so that you have photographic evidence of how much fun you’ve had completing the Little BIG DASH, be sure to go and grab a family photo at the Bupa Family Zone and follow it up with a photo to capture the hand prints, crazy hair and big smiles after the event!

Now I’ve got plans to make our walks more fun and to include some of the sense of adventure that we experienced on the Little BIG DASH so as to ensure we stay committed to enjoying physical activity together!  

How are you spending quality family time together this weekend?  

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