Puppy proofing your home

When bringing a new puppy home you need to remember that they are just like curious kids. As you would child-proof your home to ensure it was safe for a child, you must puppy-proof your pad to keep pooch safe from harm.

Check your perimeter is secure. All gates and garden fences need to be in good repair and not have holes. Puppies are wiggly little sneaks and if there is a gap they may find it and escape before you even realise. 

Inside the home, secure the living space by keeping the doors closed or perhaps even consider child gates for the time being until your have trained your pup.

Ensure any household chemicals or insect and rodent poisons are put away securely. These can seem fascinating for a pup who has no idea the harm that they can bring if chew or swallowed.

On the subject of chewing, if you love it, put it away. Puppies are attracted to shoes, especially expensive ones, cushions and various other items that you love. Buy your puppy a few chewing toys which they have free reign to love and destroy at will.

new puppy with owner
Ensure all cables, chargers, plugs and blind cords are secured and not left dangling where they may entice a curious pooch. Not only could they be chewed but they may also be a choking hazard. 

Never leave chocolate or cocoa products out where your dog can find it. In large amounts it may kill your dog, but that makes it no less delicious for them. Stow it away and keep it safely for yourself.

A healthy puppy is a happy puppy, and a happy puppy is a true delight.

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