Modern Christmas Village Centrepiece

Building this upcycled Christmas village will keep the kids busy for hours and create a colourful centerpiece for the big day. Crafting guru Magdalena Franco shows us how.


Empty milk cartons, toothpaste cartons etc

Permanent black marker

Spray paint in variety of colours

Spray paint undercoat

Craft knife / box cutter

A4 sheets of white card stock

How to

Thoroughly clean out milk cartons and ensure they are dry. Stagger the heights of milk cartons by measuring and marking a line with permanent marker from the bottom of the milk carton to make them as tall or short as you want.

Cut along the lines carefully with a craft knife. The top part of the carton (with the dispenser) can be thrown away and the open part of the carton will effectively become the bottom of your buildings (you will flip it upside down).

Gently detach the folds which are located at the base of the carton and stand them up - they will become the support for the buildings’ roofs.
Spray each milk carton and any other small boxes such as toothpaste boxes with a coat of primer.

If you have any long and slender cartons, you can fill them with rice to help weight them down.

Once the primer is thoroughly dry you can spray each box with a couple of layers of your chosen colour, making sure to allow the paint to dry between coats (follow manufacturers instructions).

You can avoid getting over-spray on other surfaces by placing your items into an old moving box or similar large box with one end open as a mini-spraying studio.

Make sure you do any spray painting in a well-ventilated space which is out of the elements.
Once dry, use a permanent marker to add features to your “buildings” such as windows and doors.

If you make the windows different in shape and size on each building it will add a level of interest to your completed village.
To add roofs to your milk cartons, simple measure the dimensions, add a couple of centimetres to the measurements (to allow for roof overhang) and transfer these dimensions onto a piece of sturdy card stock. Cut out, fold in half, crease and hot glue the roofs onto your buildings. 
You can add roof a tile pattern with permanent marker before affixing the roofs or leave them blank. You can also add white glitter to the roofs so that it resembles glistening snow.
I  happened to have an old cotton thread reel made of cardboard that’s shaped like a cone. I created a Christmas tree to accompany the buildings by shredding some newspaper, attaching it to the cone with spray adhesive, spray painting it and then attaching some miniature felt pompoms with glue.
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