Magnetic Christmas Countdown

Magdalena Franco of Unleash Creative creates a magnetic countdown that helps kids prepare for Santa's arrival.


cardboard box
12 x bottle top lids (same size)
spray paint
alphabet stamps + stamp pad
spray paint in different colours


Use a spray paint undercoat to cover the outsides of all of the bottle lids. These will later become the numbers for your countdown. Once they are dry, spray each lid with your chosen colour of spray paint ensuring you following manufacturers instructions for dry-time between coats.

Work out how large you’d like your finished sign to be (I based mine on roughly an A4 size in landscape format) and mark the dimensions onto your cardboard, then cut it out. Spray with a layer of undercoat, let it dry thoroughly and then apply 2-3 coats of your chosen spray paint colour, allowing the paint to dry thoroughly in between.

For the words “only days until Christmas” I created a stencil by typing the words into a word processing program, selecting nice font, enlarging the size to almost fill the page and centring the entire thing before printing it out onto card stock and carefully cutting out the letters with a scalpel knife. Centre the stencil onto your cardboard sign and give it a light but thorough spray with a different colour of spray paint. Repeat this process for your bottle lid numbers. You’ll need one of each number except for number’s 1 and 2 which you’ll need two of (to make 11 and 22) and don’t forget a ‘0' as well. I chose to do the first two lines in one colour and the second line of the sign in another colour. Make sure to cover up whichever words you don’t want to colour!
If you have alphabet stamps at home, you can replace these stencil instructions by stamping your letters and numbers instead. Or you could use alphabet stickers.

Mark out the placement of two bottle lid numbers onto your sign with a pencil and very patiently cut them out using a scalpel knife. The numbers should fit snuggly in the holes once you’ve cut the circles out of the cardboard. 

Now all that’s left is some magnets which you attach to each corner of your sign with some glue. The bottle lid number should require any magnets if you’ve cut the holes precisely as big as they should be. However if you find they are loose, you can attach magnets to the back of each one, using some additional smaller cardboard circles glued to the back to sandwich between the bottle lid and the magnet. 

Now you’re ready to attach your sign to your fridge or any other magnetic surface and if you have kids, they can be responsible for changing the numbers each day!

almost finished magnet
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