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We talk to Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim about most parents' ‘favorite’ job, packing their kid’s lunchboxes and she serves up some ideas. 

I’m a mum of an eight year old, and before I became a mum I was a nanny for 12 long years. I can’t even begin to count the number of lunchboxes I’ve made, but there were many. I see packing many more lunchboxes in my future too, and I imagine you see them in yours as well.

I would love to tell you that I’ve enjoyed putting each and every single lunchbox together over the years, but that would be a fib. 

The reality is, it can be challenge to fill a lunchbox with beautiful, healthy food for our kids, but also food that they actually eat. It’s not easy! I love the days when the lunchbox comes home empty. It’s one of those rare parenting wins.

One little tool I have loved of late, is the FoodSwitch App. The supermarket can be a jungle, and it can be difficult to know which foods are healthier for our families. 

The FoodSwitch app helps makes reading food labels simpler; with a quick scan of the product’s barcode the FoodSwitch app shows how the product rates for things like salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat with an easy to read traffic light system. The app will also list alternative healthier products underneath.  

To help you out, I’ve put together eight beautiful and healthy lunchbox ideas which your kids will hopefully love. These are filled with ideas that my own children, and the children I was nanny for have enjoyed, but they are also Bupa dietitian approved too. 
grapes, cucumber and sandwich
This lunchbox is filled with loads of green goodies; grapes, sliced cucumber and a cheese, egg and lettuce sandwich.
strawberry, carrot and wrap
This lunchbox has a delicious wholemeal wrap filled with cheese, lettuce, roasted capsicum and eggplant, as well juicy strawberries and crunchy carrot sticks.
watermelon, tomato skewars
For this lunch box, you can make little kebabs using bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and chicken, and accompany it with diced watermelon and some Greek yoghurt. 
lunchbox with tuna sandwich resized
Get the kids crunchy on this beautiful lunchbox, with apple slices, carrot sticks and hummus, and a wholemeal sandwich with avocado and tuna.
healthy lunchbox 6 resized
I think this lunchbox is my favourite, and hopefully your child’s too. It’s got avocado sushi, shredded chicken and delicious raspberries.
Healthy lunchbox with blueberries
This lunchbox is jam-packed with yumminess; blueberries, a boiled egg and a cream cheese and grated carrot sandwich.
lunchbox with rice cakes resized
Everyone loves yummy leftovers, so hopefully your kids do too. Try and make more the night before when making meatballs, so you have enough to pop you’re your kids lunchboxes the next day. Team meatballs with some kiwifruit, some rice cakes and a homemade avocado dip (simple blend avocado with a little cream cheese).
lunch box with snap peas resized
A chicken and rainbow salad (tomato, lettuce, and carrot) sandwich goes perfectly with a kiwifruit and some sugar snap peas. 
And there you have it, eight delicious lunchbox ideas that your kids will hopefully love, and maybe you’d love to eat too. Remember, to make life simple check out the FoodSwitch which you can download for free, and start discovering healthier food choices for your family.

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