Working out with kids – Kettle bell workout

Getting to the gym can be a little bit hard sometimes because life and family commitments can get in the way.

For the days where it’s hard to fit a workout in, you could try this quick and easy kettle bell workout that is good for your whole body.

All you need is a couple of kettle bells in a weight that is good for you. You can buy these at sports stores, online or even Aldi has them periodically.

This can be done in your lounge at home, backyard or in the park while the kids play nearby. The secret to fitness is not training for two hours, five days a week.

The secret is consistency.

If you can find 30-45 minutes most days of the week just to get your body moving, you’ll be closer to a fitter and stronger you.

Have a quick warm up before you begin this. That could be star jumps, jogging or even just a few squats and shoulder rotations.

You need to complete this series of exercises at least three times for a full 30-minute workout. If you’re feeling energetic, you could do more!
10 x Thrusters
10 x Single arm pulls
10 x Raised arm lunges
10 x Kettle bell swings
10 x Chest press
10 x Sumo squat with shoulder raise
10 x Shoulder press
10 x Lying pullover
10 x Tricep extensions
10 x Bicep curls

Only use a kettle bell that is easy for you to pick up, and ensure you have good technique, and a strong core switched on the whole way through.

Going slowly with good technique is much more effective than whizzing through sloppily, which may cause injury.

If you don’t have kettle bells, did you see our park bench workout?

Have fun!

Make little moments matter

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