Keeping fit with kids - The Park Bench Workout

Keeping fit with little ones under foot can seem like an impossibility but with a little know-how and motivation you can turn almost any space into a quick workout.

Many hours are spent at the park with your munchkins so this park bench workout is a fantastic body blast which can be done while they play. 

You don’t need any expensive gear or late night TV gadgets that make your jelly bits wobble, you just need the desire to get your body moving to be able to enjoy a stronger, fitter you.

10 x Box jumps (or step ups if that is too dynamic)
10 x Push ups
10 x Tricep dips
10 x Butt to seat squats
10 x Plank shoulder taps
10 x Plank single leg raises
10 x Lunges
10 x Mountain climbers
10 x Side plank with rotation
10 x Butt raises

Do this series of exercises three times (or even more if you’re keen) for a half hour all over workout.

Ensure your technique is good, with a straight back and switched on core, and in no time this workout will get easier and you’ll feel great.

Did you see our kettle bell workout too? If you feel ready for something with a little more strength training for your entire body, check it out.

Have fun!

Make little moments matter

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